A new journey just completed, this time to Spain.I have never wished to travel to Spain, why I dont know, but this year my partner had a wish to spend a special Birthday in Spain, so Spain it was.We booked a house in Andalucia in a place called NERJA, this being owned by a friend of a friend. The journey to Spain took four hours from Sweden, we arrived after a mid morning flight, in Malaga Airport.We had been instructed how to get the car, which was included in the price of the hose rental, after much wandering around to find the right floor in the car park complex we finally saw the car, a red Seat, the key was in a key safe box chained to the back wheel.After dismantling this we could then drive away, with help from the Sat Nav one hours journey to Nerja.It was a pleasant journey and we arrived late afternoon.The house was situated on a steep hill in a secluded part a little away from the actual Town, The white houses sparkled and beautiful coloured flowers cascaded over the white walls of the houses.We parked out side our house and took the cases a few steps up to the house, our home for two weeks.There were many locks and a latticed gate to open before entering the house.There were locks and a latticed gate to get out onto the patio, I dont know if these were for safety or decoration, but it was quite important these were locked when leaving the house.The area was very quiet and felt very safe.The room we entered was a small kitchen and lounge area together, a door leading to the patio area, there was a bedroom beside a small bathroom.It appeared rather small and required a lot of planing to allow space for our things, one suitcase which we left on the floor in the bedroom, and our hand luggage we left on the space in the kitchen, we realise we would need to be particular with everything as each item needed is own space keeping everything tidy was essential. We drove a hsort distance to a Supermarket to stock up on food drink etc, ms things were in the house ready to use, and once used needed to be replaced, we decided it was better to buy our own things and not have to remeber what to replace.The supermarket was adequate and it was nice looking around to see what was available, things we recognised, and things we didnt know, but it was all exciting finding and testing new things.The first evening we didnt feel like cooking a meal so very lazilly we bought two deep frozen pizzes, in the oven and they were ready in a few minutes, they were delicious, particularly as we hadnt eaten for a long time.We had access to swedisg television which was god as we cold catch up on programes in the evenings when we were not away for the evening.The house was quite cosy, the voew when standing out on the patio was lovely we could see mountains in the distance at the back f the house to eithe side we couls see moutains and a slight view of the town below. There was a little passageway between our house and the swimming pool this we could see when standing up and looking over the wall.Out of the front door it took two minutes to reach the pool.This pool was for the use of the people staying in our area, not for public use,it was well cared for it was clean and tidy, there werent many people who used this pool when we were staying there, occasionally in the afternoon when it was siesta time a few people would lie on the sunbeds which were provided, it was very quiet, nobody disturbed anyone.The first night we both slept well in the comfortable double bed. Next morning my partner wasnt well, he had trouble with a urinary tract infection, and couldnt leave the house because it was difficult to know where toilets where, as he needed one frequently, we were not aquainted with the town or surroundings. We stayed in all day on Sunday, ventured to town on Monday to find a chemist where my partner could get help, this he did and miraculously he started to feel better next day not fully recovered but enough for us to take the local bus to Town and see what was on offer.This day was his big Birthday so we wanted to celebrate, we ate a nice lunch, sea food, which was plentiful and delicious, we drank wine /beer.After lunch we wandered down to the main attraction in Nerja Balcon de EUROPA, here things were being prepared for a fiesta which was to last several days, there opening was that evening, fireworks were being prepared and the towm semed to be gearing up for this event. We had our evening meal in another nice restaurant in the middle of this busling place,again sea food,with lots of evegetables and accompanied by a glass of wine, a nice ending to a pleasant dat, and partner feeling much better.We took the bus home which took about an hour because it was a circular tour and oicked people up averywhere along the route, it was nice to hear so many people chatting in so many different languages, everybody happy to be on holiday, the warm weather contributing to this,it was warm not hot as I imagine it can be during the sumer months, it was 23 degrees, perfect for walking around, the sun was very strong and it felt warmer when in the sun.

Eating out in Nerja was very inexpensive, havivg a beer or a glass of wine was also inexpensive resulting in us eating way from home most days.

There were two large supermarkets near to there we were staying,on in particular became our favourite because of everything they ad to ofer, it was obvious this area was for tourists because of the things products they sole there were many things from the UK which was very nice to see, my favourite chocolate was particularly  good, not being able to purchase it anywhere except the UK,I stocked up  fo until my next visit to the UK in December.

Wew had booked one night in a Hotel in RONDA as were had planned to travel to Gibraltar and staying overnight in Ronda was a half way point, however we decided not to piruse our journey to Gibraltar this time, but visit Ronda anyway, it was a lovely small town set in the mountains a couple of hours inthe car fromNerja, the old Bridge was particularly interesting to see, it was built many years ago, and its height was spectacular one wonderfs how the engineers of that era could possibly have designed and then built this magnificent construction,The view from the bridge stretched for miles one could see mountains surrounding this lovely place.

We had a nice Hotel in the middle of this lively town an underfround parking place  just a few minutes away, which was very convenient.

There were numerous places to eat, cafes,restaurants,pavement cafes, the choise was amazing. We ate lunch in one place, then we walked to the famous bridge  and wandered around the town, back to the Hotel to leave the things we had bought durinmg the day, then walked arond the corner from our Hotel to the pedestrianised street, where people where milimg around after theor diesta, the town came to life after five o clock, children and adults meeting in the centre of town to have a chat before walking home for the day .

After a really good nights sleep in the huge beds in our enormous room, we had breakfast before  having to leave for Nerja, we enjoyed the two hour journey as it was lovely weather, sunny and warm and perfect driving conditions.The scenery was breathtaking as we drove through mountains, on a very good road, not much traffic enabling us to drive slowly to take in the scenery.

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