After having been home for two weeks, it is time to travel again, this time to our house in Cumbria.We leave tomorrow, and will be staying for two weeks, of course we hope for good weather, as we are having here at home in the begining of September.September can be a lovely month with clear days, quite warm temperatures but cooler and darker evenings, but then the colours in nature start to turn into beautiful yellows, gold and brown.Heather blooms giving carpets of purple on the hills.We shall be travelling to my hometown Liverpool to see an exhibition in the World Museum of the Terracotta Warriors discovered some years ago in China when excavating, an entire army was discovered made of terracotta ,these were to protect the deceased Emperor of the time, this exhibition will be very special as it hasnt been seen anywhere outside China except in London a few years ago.We will have an overnight stay in Liverpool in order to be able to see other places of interest, we usually visit just for a day and it is too short a time to take in the many things this lovely City has to offer. On our return to Cumbria we will spent the weekend around Kendal,there is a market held every Wednesday and every Friday in the Market Square, there are always interesting stands to look at selling various foods, vegetables etc, there are always many people who travel from all sorts of places to see this market occasionally there is a farmers market and there you can see animals brought from farms around, sometimes calves and lambs depending on the season. A huge event is on the second Thursday in September, it is the Westmorland County Show held at Crookland not too far from Oxenholme where our house is situated, it really is a fantastic event visited annually by over 30,000 people travelling from all over the United Kingdom.There are many animlas shown and given prizes, there can be sheep, cows, bulls, alpackors, pigs, hens, then there are always lots of flowers, cakes, cheese, eggs, meats, which are on show and are given prizes for their quality presentation etc.Many firms exhibit their goods, ranging from farm machinery to wines, locally made beer, clothes, hats, shoes, boots everything imaginable, then of course there are many stalls selling hot food, these are always popular, as well as beer tents,, where one can stand for some time in a queue, but the wait is worth it. I am looking forward to this visit as the past visits this summer have been short, one week and then five nights, this fortnight will give us time to relax, and weather permitting, time to tidy in the garden and prepare it for the winter.Exactly what we did and saw I will tell later when we have arrived home again, after hopefully having had two lovely weeks away.

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