St Ives August 2018.My journey to the UK with my Granddaughter Johanna has been a huge success.Johanna stayed with her friends outside Exeter, and I stayed with my Sister-in-Law in Aylesbeare also ouside exeter. We had a lovely catch up, and I was able to see her house and huge garden, where she has lived for eighteen years, it was definately time for a visit. I was lucky to be able to visit Cornwall, only for twenty four hours, but it was a wonderful opportunity, not to be missed being so near to Devon.I could not stay anywhere in St Ives as everywhere had obviously been booked many months ago, as it happened I was very fortunate to acquire a single room in a lovely Hotel in Carbis Bay. My room was really nice with a wonderful sea view, it was located two minutes walk from Carbis Bay Railway Station. This meant having the three minutes journey into St Ives, on the picturesque local branch train, loved by anyone who has ever visited St Ives.I was as excited as ever as we approached St Ives, the weather was not the usual glorious weather St Ives offers, but I was there, the weather was not a problem.I had arranged to meet John Chard, the renowned St Ives photographer, and a member of the St Ives RNLI crew, he was held up in traffic and we couldnt meet at the Lifeboat Station as we had previously planned, but at the famous PednOlver Hotel overlooking lovely Porthminster Beach.Not having met John although seen him many times on Facebook, it was nice to meet him in person, a tall well built, pleasant, smiling man. We chatted and I gave the signed copy of my book to him, he seemed very pleased and promised to leave it in the crew room at the Lifeboat Station in St Ives, where it now belongs.John introduced me to a lovely lady and her daughter who makes beautiful jewellery from sea glass and small pebbles, everything picked from the local beaches.These pieces are so attractive and I have no doubt this lovely lady will do well in her new business just started in St Ives, and I can only wish her the best of luck in the future,with her new life in her new Town. I left a copy of the book in the Guildhall in the Tourist Information room to Tony Mason, they kindly agreed to contact Tony to explain the book was there for him. I didnt know how to contact him, but the ladies in the Guidhall helped me, and a few minutes later Tony had collected the book, as I read from a lovely e mail he sent me a few hours later.People are very kind and helpful,I was sorry we couldnt meet but this visit really was a whistle stop visit. I had previously contacted Kay Shepherd the owner of a wonderful Aladdins Cave in the Court Arcade on Wharf Road, she has her site on Facebook, and I had asked her if I could leave a book with her, which I did, she was a very pleasant friendly person, we had a lovely chat and laughed a lot. Next day, the day I had to leave this wonderful Town, I went back to Paraphernalia as this little gem is called, as I wanted to buy one of John Chards photos I had seen in the shop, very appropriately this wonderful photograph is of the St Ives Lifeboat “Nora”this was meant to be, on this occasion as everything seemed to evolve around the RNLI on this visit. Kay asked if I happened to have any more books, which I did, I had ONE with me.I didnt think anyone would see my book, but the day after I arrived back home, thre was a message on my phone just saying ” I need more books” from Kay. I was disappointed as all my books are still in the house in Cumbria, but I asked my lovely neighbour there if she could possibly help me and send some books to Cornwall for me, this she did and the day after they were on their way, and have now arrived, where they belong in the care of Kay Shepherd, who I know will help me sell some. I had a lovely time with my Sister-in-Law when I arrived back in Exeter after my very successful journey to St Ives, we were in Exeter the day before I went home and looked around the magnificent City, which my Sister-in-Law knows so well, as she has grown up there. The day came when we had to travel home again, not having seen my Granddaghte since the day of our arrival, I was looking forward to seeing her again and hearing about her adventure, a visit to friends without her parents, how exciting was that. Johanna had had a wonderful holiday,and I dont think she really wanted to go home just yet, it had been a very short visit, but as Schools are beginning here in Sweden next week she had to return home, but with many happy memories. I am so grateful I was given this journey as it gave me an extra opportunity to visit St Ives, a thing I hadnt thought possible this year, but so fitting to promote my book, in the height of the holiday season, in the place the book is all about.My thanks go to my Daughter and family for making this special journey possible.I hope Johanna enjoyed her visit as much as I did, who knows it may be the beginning of another book.

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