A surprise visit to Cornwall. I am very excited at the prospect of an unexpected visit to Cornwall next week.I am going with my Granddaughter to Exeter,she is staying with a friend and her family, I am staying with my Sister-in-Law,who I havent seen for years.It will be a very short stay in the UK, but I am taking advantage of being so near to Cornwall, I am making a whistle stop visit to beautiful St Ives, only twenty four hours but better than not being there at all.I am using this opportunity to leave a few of my books in the place it is all about,I would like to leave a book to the RNLI whom I have dedicated the book.It would be wonderful to leave it to a member of this Institution in person in the Lifeboat Station, that would be a dream come true. One dream has come true, my surprise visit to St Ives this year, a thing I didnt think possible until a few days ago. One should never give up dreaming and hoping.

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