Midsummers Eve in Sweden is celebrated by being a Public Holiday, people gather in parks and other public places to dance around decorated maypoles, these poles are decorated with flowers and leaves before being raised. Children and parents join in the dancing to typical traditional Swedish music, many children have crowns of fresh flowers in their hair as they dance. When people leave, they then visit friends and families and eat special herrings with sour cream and chives, together with fresh potatoes preferably home produced,This is accompanied with snaps, and beer or wine. Strawberries and cream follow.Later in the evening some people BBQ, and drink, many people stay awake all night to welcome the summer, the nights are very short in June and it isnt difficult to stay awake. This midsummer the weather has been favourable,this isnt often the case, and everyone hopes it will continue to be a warm, sunny summer.

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